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One of the problems that all advanced and non- developed societies deals with, is the issue of divorce.
How ever the divorce have a very long antiquity, but if we turn over the pages of the history, it is obvious that wasn't so violent like the present era, the couple were not in the grip of pressure.
Where this hardness is coming from?
Why the two person who have the most complete and agelong religion why they had to choose the most incomplete and the most restrictive way?
Why should they go to the path of the countries such as France, England or America that they think they are human and they are waiting for a tension and an excuse to separate from their partners and go out on their spree?
This is not Islam at all.
Islam hasn't thought us that way.
Now look at the jews, that they are so ignorant, move against that countries and that visions, as much as they put the divorce as a social basis in the row of impossible and illegal things.
But they are working alot on the destruction and divorce of a man and a muslim woman. They know where they enter, exactly in the first place, target the man, the man is regarded as the guardian of his family.
God forbid!
God forbid!
A man open the gate of sin towards his wife.
If the man open the gate of immodesty(jew's thoughts) to his wife's heart like the Imam Ali's(The first Imam for shia Muslims) word that was shouting: 《you look like a man》.
The jew comes and conquer this place with out bloodshed.
They bear enmity like this.
Imam Ali(peace be upon him) said:
《Oath to my spirit! Oath to my spirit! The devil took a dangerous arrow and target you from the closest location!》 My dears look at what has targeted you?look who is going to notch with the poison arrow between you? Look where you are lacking that some people are going to gamble on you, look where you went and came, and you made long queues of their slavery, look who is labelled the most detestable halal(the least favorite of God) means divorce to your life!?
Instead of being stubborn think about it, don't quickly take the last step, Islam hasn't thought us that...