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Science is better or wealth?

The significance of science should be known   as well as  prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) being taught to say:《O' God raise my knowledge, Quran》
If anything had been better than science, the Prophet Muhammad demanded it, he was a scientist and memorized every thing, but again he was demanding science.
Because science is light , the light is the same food that has no satiety at all.
Every animal has an adjective for his self.
For example: The courage for the lion, the generosity is for bee, the ant is contented, dogs are known as loyalty, But Allah has placed the superiority of man in the attribute of 《science》 《And he thought all of his name to the human, Quran》, and he turned to the angels and said: you say.
The angels said: we don't know anything.
More frequently, they ask that the science is better or wealth?
Imam Ali(the first Imam for shia muslims)said:
The science is the legacy of the prophets; but wealth it belong to the heritage of the fero'n(cruel kings dynasty).
Science can't be reduced to alimony, but wealth can be reduced, the science mantains it's owner, but the wealth needs a keeper. The science can come inside the grave- clothes but the wealth not.
But it's a pity that life time spend to something that can not come into the grave.
It's thousand and thousand years frequently the name of the master sheikh mofid, sheikh sadough, sheikh al- raiees(mercy upon him)are mentioned. The scientist might lose his body but his name is on the tongue. For hundreds of years they(every body) say that boo Ali said this, and said that.
The prophet Yousuf was perfect in two things: the first handsomeness, and the second science.
But you see what a beauty did with him? That hurt him, Threw him to the well and the prison, And lured him into the into trap of capricious women. But science took him out of jail and made him deary in the egypt.