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Hearty communication with holy Hojjat

If you want to venerate holy Hojjat (the twelfth imam of Shittes), you must increase your hearty communication.
Hearty communication causes holy hojjat looks at you too.
Seyyed karim cobbler has lots of communications with holy Hojjat.
He was a shoemaker in Bazar of shah Abdolazim.
He had a small shop of Shoemaking along Bazar but his heart was like sea.
He communicated to holy hojjat. He told: one day, when I was patching a shoe I suddenly realized that holy Hojjat arrived my shop.
Sir said: sir Seyyed karim!
Do you patch my shoe too ?
I said :
I promised someone. After patching this shoe, I will repair your shoe.
Some moments passed.
Holy hojjat said:
sir Seyyed karim! Patch my shoe! I started explaining him again: I promised someone.
If you let me , after patching it, I will patch your shoe.
Some moments passed.
Holy Hojjat said: sir Seyyed karim!
If you don't patch my shoe, I take it other one to patch.
I stood up and put shoe and necessities aside and coiled my hands around him and said: sir!
If you tell again, I will go along bazar and will shout that: everybody who want to meet fatemeh's Mahdi come in my shop. Holy Hojjat smiled and said: sir Seyyed karim !
Tell our Shiites and lovers that even our meeting should not cause they break their promise.
This is a mystery for our meeting: doing obligations and quitting prohibiteds. go to follow self training.
Holy Hojjat will meet you himself.
Go to reveal your heart.
Go to revive your heart.
Take cruelty out of your heart.
Follow your servitude not sir's look. If you serve, holy Hojjat will look at your life.
Sir looks at you.
Go to follow this kind of worship. Go to follow this kind of servitude.
This causes that you are exposed to direct favors of fatemeh's Mahdi (the twelfth imam of Shittes) little by little.