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God is looking at You

God is looking at You
Pay attention! It's not possible to escape from your dominion.
(Komeil prayer). Where do I go?
Where can I go as you don't see me. God is looking at you each moment.
Where do you want to go?
Whatever you do, any line that you pass and any door that you touch, he is looking at you again. You can't escape.
Now, when you can't escape from his dominion, it's better to survey.
When you can't escape it's better to fall in love with him.let him to rectify you for himself.
One day holy Moses (greetings to him) was going to Toor mountain. He saw some one calling him.
He got close and said:
Here you are. He said where are you going Moses?
Holy Moses motioned that I'm going to pray to my god. Moses! Tell your god I don't accept him as a god. Tell him to deliver disaster to me and to torment me as much as he wants. I don't accept him as a god.
Moses! Go and tell your god :
I consider it a disgrace to call him god. Heart of holy Moses got broken of this talk. He went toward Toor mountain and prayed. When the prayer finished, god said o' Moses! why don't you tell us our servant's talk? O'god! I ashamed to deliver it, holy Moses said. Divine god said: Moses! Go and tell him our answer. Tell him: although you don't accept us as god, we accept you as servant. Moses! go and tell him I showed him my agony but he is not attentive. Just as he doesn't have pleasure to pray, just as he has no pleasure to follow god, this is my curse for his life that he has not noticed.
O'moses! If you are going, tell him my this talk:
although you consider it a disgrace to call me god, I don't consider it a disgrace to call you servant.
How much forgiving of sins you are!
How strange god you are!
How much kind you are!