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The purpose of god

If you want to color your faith, increase your knowledge of god. You should have a map for path to go toward it. If you don't have a map, You will be dizzy and wandering. Go to find insight.
Acknowledge your god.
Who is whom I say Allah is the greatest facing him?
Who is whom I say my prayer facing him.
Who is whom l become prostrated thus facing him.
Who is whom I genuflect facing him. Acknowledge your god.
If I have knowledge to my god, little by little my worship will advance as much as my knowledge.
it's color will change. It doesn't remain on former state.
Haji agha, now i want to increase my knowledge.
I have decided to move with knowledge in life.
But there is a question!
What is the purpose of god from me to acknowledge him?
Why should I acknowledge god.
So that portion increases in my life!
So that blessing and charity increase in my life!
So that I keep my distance from devil! So that I succeed!
What's the purpose of god for this knowledge?
You made a mistake. Originally, god doesn't have purpose at all.
If god has purpose, he will be faulty. So, What happened with the answer of our question?
What happened with the purpose?
Creature can have purpose but creator can not.
Why should not creator have purpose? If god has purpose, he will be faulty.
You must have purpose. You must move with exalted knowledge. Now, what should be my purpose?
The same purpose. It means creator. It means devine god.
Your purpose should be god.
This is the most beautiful instants for servant.
The most beautiful.