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Excerpts from the speech of Master Noroozi with subject of: The greatest pain of the Prophet Muhamma

Komeil says," I was walking with Imam Ali (peace be upon him), in the middle of the night, there was no sound and everyone wasasleep. A man recited a strange, beautiful voice from Quran and recited it aloud: "Or, is he who is obedient that prostrates himself and stands during parts of the night"(Quran kareem, ZUMAR, Verse8)
Are there equal those who are from Hell, with those who are obedience to God?
He was reciting this part of Quran and my personal status changed and I was glad .
Suddenly Imam Ali said don't pay attention to this man! It was verystrange. It was very strange!
First, how did he know I was so glad with his reading? how did he find out what that man was going to do, and what happens that he says don't pay ,attention to the man? This went on;
When the enemies were all killed in khavareg war, lmam Ali(peace be upon him) pointed to the dead man,
lmam Ali(peace be upon him)pointed to the corpse and said o' komeil:("Is one who is devoutly obedient during periods of the night")It was the man who had taken hold of your heart, and made you excited with his reciting, he does not obey the overseer and he has been ruined, he is the memorizer of the holy Quran but does not recognize Imam Ali(peace be upon him), he would pray well but does not obey the leader, that was the biggest pain of the prophet's(hazrat Mohammad) followers.