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The unity in the eyes of the hazrat zahra(God bless her)

Who can claim the help of the Holy Imam Mahdi (God make his appearance nearer)?
The people can have the claim of the help of the Holy Imam Mahdi, not have repulsion and like Imam Mahdi have attraction. As Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) had been to the Christian man... as Imam Hassan (PBUH) had been to the guest who was impolite at first, the most important, like the Imam Hussein (PBUH) that all of us know every single story of karbbalah... that how much he wanted to buy hearts, that how much he wanted attach all of people to himself. Be sure he wanted to attract hearts. Imam Hassan Asgary (PBUH) said that”attract all hearts to us”. Imam Mahdi will ask us ' How many hearts have you attached to me by now? ’In answer, will we answer: I have been able to make far the man who sinned from sin and invite to niceness? All right! 'Ordinance to wellness and forbid from bad things, this must make attraction, not to far him away.
Mahdi says that Don't you know that after the emergence of me I will save you all? If you don't appeal to attraction and do not have attraction, you can't help me … You can't!!
To say, sir, I wish to fight against, it is not true, don't you have lord, don't you have Imam, that you want to make your own decisions …
In such circumstances, you did not look like Abdollah Ibn Vahab? He was the nearer mate of the Imam Ali (PBUH). He bowed down as much as he was famous for the spiritual man, and after the Jamal and Safein war separated from his Imam, became from the people who pass off from the religion and Imam Ali (PBUH) was sent for him a letter that Abdullah, come back, terminate to the errancy .Answered his Imam Like this; “Ali, you are perversed and you have to repent quickly”. Also Imam Ali (PBUH) was attacked, till one of the men in the enemy group was killed him, who was? Shabas Ibn Rabaie killed him, Shabas was the enemy of Imam Hussein(PBUH) at Aushra day...he was the commander of the Saffein war, in the time of cruel governors helped the Imam Ali a lot … think of it now! and this man, Shabas joins the people who come back from their religion in Nahravan war route, Then he will come back with the letter of Imam Ali ((PBUH)), further he become a commander in war. (be careful! Do not continuously go and come back in the path of your religion and be careful do not become far...) and do not your end up like Shabas. Be careful! Think of it, sir, who would affined as commander .Did they not know what they would do afterwards? They were obviously aware of it, but they had an appeal, and for the last a moment they would help Shabas. Now, In the course of Karbala, he writes a letter to the Imam Hussein (PBUH), and calls him to Koofeh and when Muslim (one of the mates of the Imam Hussein)is coming. He scatter people, and in the end become the commander of the infantry of the Omar- Sa'd . Where did he go? This man, at the Mokhtar insurrection was the first that persuaded Mas'ab Ibn Zobair to kill Mokhtar(one of the mates of the Imam Hussein( PBUH)). The estrangement of Imam Mahdi starts from that he have mates that they are pray like Abdollah Ibn vahab, but they do their own work and claim their support of their Imam.
The father of Hazrat Mahdi (God make his appearance nearer), sir Imam Hassan Asghari(PBUH)says, “ attract all hearts towards us”. Ahl- sunnat also include these people. If the enemies want make doubt in hearts ، wants to burn the root of Islam. What should be the point? For example, the Ashura pilgrimage mail suggests that if you are from unity and harmony, do not read it and if you are read the Ashuara pilgrimage mail(ziarat Ashura), so your action is irreconcilable with unity. Why?!! Because they hate both Shia and Sunni. And in the end, have been targeted the pure Islam, Hazrat Imam Mahdi(God makes his appearance nearer).you are not even higher in recognition in unity from Hazrat Zahra(God bless her); In the book of Ehtejaj or Vafi the fifth volume, she says, “ God, put the obedience of Ahl-al bayt, the cause of the social order of the Islamic Republic of the Convention. Leadership of Imams led us to unite and let us to preserve us from concision”.
Who do you want above Hazrat Fatemat o zahra?
The sanctified God said; you are aware that Jews and Christians have different books and ethics, but also in the own affirmation of the Qur’an, in the first principle of belief, which is monotheism, and with the belief that God have son, substantiality and the trinity, they are also pagan but Allah said as they accept the God, resurrection and inspiration they are from the Scripture. all of you stand against atheism .The same share in the word monotheism is enough for the unification against infidels, You see now that unity in view of God, that is, recognizing the enemy. The unification, the Shi ' a, the Sunni, could see and stand in front of the people who kill children and they are infidels. The unity means foresight. The unity means, in these terrible circumstances, to not be more enthusiasm than Ali (PBUH) and to save the sanctuary of Madame Zeinab( God bless her), which the world intent to destruct it. That is unification that in these terrible circumstances must have this kind of treatment. Like Umar Molazehi (ahl' sunnat) that become defender of the shrine of the Hazrat Zeinab to blind the world, he will not only make blind the enemies but to fire with his evidence the opposition from Islam. His father after his evidence says 'Thank You, God, I become the father of the martyr, like the Shiites', ...that’s why the supreme leader (Khamenei) said," We have no intention of unity that one faction to accept the other sect's beliefs." No, that's not unity! Unity means take the common and joint point so that the enemy may not enter your point of variation and dispute. That if the enemy enters it will knocks on the ground. Take care