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God is more merciful, or the prophets and infallible imams or his righteous

A very important question
God is more merciful, or the prophets and infallible imams or his righteous, He says that God is so kind so why does Allah promise to torment us?Why does he want to torment us?
The other side, the interceders like a nurse that is more kind than a mother should pleading or they come to intercede? Why?

You know what the story is like?
The boy had a fight with his father, the boy didn't listen to his father, their relationship was broken too. Father threaten the boy and says you won't listen to me? Go out and you know what will happen when you get back.
The child fear go to house , but first and last should go home, The child goes to the house. Dad tells her daughter slowly. When your brother came home you tell me to forgiven him and tell me please.
Come on and say, Dad , I'm sorry for your respect.
My daughter, I do not like that my son to be annoyed, and I do not like to be crushed and upset of me.
But I like to be known that he Understand He has a powerful father.
You will intercede with him and I will forgive him as well.
Now who does the boy intercede?
The daughter intercedes for her brother، Who's there to intercede?who can there be compassion or behalf of whom?
From the father.
(Say, "to Allah belongs[ the right to allow] intercessions entirely. To him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, then to him you will be returned"
Verse 44, surah al- zomar, Quran)
That is to say, the prophets and the innocent who want to intercede and they're trying to be nice all of that is from the compassion and goodness of sanctified God.