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The illusion of truth

Until the person is honest with himself,
Have hidden layers,
Hide from herself
It is impossible to find an understanding of God.
She sees her life sweet, everything goes well, everything is awesome.
It is not known that his being filled with falsehood is poor.
Then this person sees everything in the right color, in this case Wavela becomes.
Those who faced Imam Hussein (PBUH) thought they were giving one-to-one the right to export.
There are a lot of people who walk in the hallucination of their inner truth.
They suspect that they will issue the right.
These people, no matter how hard they try to reach God, are no further away from God.Like the companions of Ashoora, they line themselves up to God in front of Imam Hussein (PBUH), Allah the Great said and shot.
This way people think they have heart diligence, but they do not know that they are al-Qalqi.
We have so many people in this community.
Someone who goes away in this form of God does not find God, he is lost, someone who gets lost becomes defiled.
Like those who have forgotten God, they have forgotten the rules of the system of existence.
God works with you to forget about yourself.
No worse than worse than forgetting yourself to lose yourself.
If you're such a beast.
Be very careful, so much ...