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What shall i do my heart not go towards sin?

There are so many people say that we used to pray, we were fasting and we had a very regular life and we didn't know even where the sin was!
But, by degrees, we become so deep in guilt that we were so deep in our sins, we become so far from God. We fear that we shall return to the sins we have done after being well done.So, in order to become consistent in this path and not error, there is a solution? In response, it is true that these people have commited a sin in the past, but in their teenage years, as they said they were closer to God. What does that mean? That is to say that they have a sacred nature, but by some, they become far from their sacred nature, the one who have a dark nature, must worry. even though he also can return to God, the path of God is not closed. But there are some like those who mentioned, they don't want to sin, but their members becaue of don't have a appropriate schedule spontaneously go towards sin, so if such people have strong schedule and a will that is related to Imam Hussain(peace be upon him), and have a look affiliated with Imam Ali(peace be upon him) they definitely will not come back to that sin again, why they won't come back? Because the reasons that cause he have the desire to come back to the same sin have stopped. For it is easier to say that the desire to return to the same sin can not be expected stopped by some one who their heart wanted that sin, surely he return. The one who want's to come back, he will come back to the same sin.
So these factors have caused him to detach himself from the lovers circle without a determination to separate himself from the circle of romance(romance with God), be hopeless to returning to those none sress and beautiful young days. Then you have to take care of heart in a lover's(God) orbit. Just as his heart goes away from love with God, return it again, speak with himself, to think about God. that would be so precious, recourse to Imam Mahdi(peace be upon him). If you're a clever man and you say that you don't want go towards sin, but my heart wants, tell at that moment: o' Imam Mahdi save me, o' Imam Mahdi(peace be upon) him l don't want but i'm going to slip out. He will certainly save you. You will find out that also you want go towards sin. Why?because you haven't stopped the causes of that. The eyes on one side, steps on one side, hand go to another side. God forbid you to get to a lonely place, safe from that moment... So save yourself and do not away from romance with God.