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بیانات استاد محمد جواد نوروزی نصرت

to reach the highest level of perfection we shouldn't be satisfied with the least actually we should be ambitious.we should see ourselves in the place of virtue leader to be at least virtuous, this would cause us fortunate. if our goal is being virtuous only we'll be nothing!


don't think of helping Imam zaman in his presence. make yourself ready for helping him in his absence. if you pay attention to the absence, you'll win his presence.


if the most sacred things , in the most sacred places aren't blamed with sincerity, finally it will fall. it's beautiful when you do things for god , whether things that can be achieved or not.


the main cause of the problems between wives and husbands is pertinacity which stems from the difference in false tastes, pride , stubbornness and lack of forgiveness.


in life follow people who the closer you get to their personal aspects the more you see manifestation of faith, the light of certainty and their resolution. because god is the guest of big hearts they own

who have we an enemy?

There are many who say that we have an enemy. They say we have malevolent. It looks as if they were all assembled to defeat us. What do we do? We can not keep them away from ourselves and we can not afford them. What we can do? When you say I don't know what to do, it's because you don't have fondne