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بیانات استاد محمد جواد نوروزی نصرت
who have we an enemy?

There are many who say that we have an enemy. They say we have malevolent. It looks as if they were all assembled to defeat us. What do we do? We can not keep them away from ourselves and we can not afford them. What we can do? When you say I don't know what to do, it's because you don't have fondne

God is more merciful, or the prophets and infallible imams or his righteous

A very important question
God is more merciful, or the prophets and infallible imams or his righteous, He says that God is so kind so why does Allah promise to torment us?Why does he want to torment us?
The other side, the interceders like a nurse that is more kind than a mother should p

The illusion of truth

Until the person is honest with himself,
Have hidden layers,
Hide from herself
It is impossible to find an understanding of God.
She sees her life sweet, everything goes well, everything is awesome.
It is not known that his being filled with falsehood is poor.

What shall i do my heart not go towards sin?

There are so many people say that we used to pray, we were fasting and we had a very regular life and we didn't know even where the sin was!
But, by degrees, we become so deep in guilt that we were so deep in our sins, we become so far from God. We fear that we shall return to the sins we have


One of the problems that all advanced and non- developed societies deals with, is the issue of divorce.
How ever the divorce have a very long antiquity, but if we turn over the pages of the history, it is obvious that wasn't so violent like the present era, the couple were not in the grip

Science is better or wealth?

The significance of science should be known   as well as  prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) being taught to say:《O' God raise my knowledge, Quran》
If anything had been better than science, the Prophet Muhammad demanded it, he was a scientist and memorized every thing, but again he was dema