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بیانات استاد محمد جواد نوروزی نصرت
Hearty communication with holy Hojjat

If you want to venerate holy Hojjat (the twelfth imam of Shittes), you must increase your hearty communication.
Hearty communication causes holy hojjat looks at you too.
Seyyed karim cobbler has lots of communications with holy Hojjat.
He was a shoemaker in Bazar of shah Abdol

God is looking at You

God is looking at You
Pay attention! It's not possible to escape from your dominion.
(Komeil prayer). Where do I go?
Where can I go as you don't see me. God is looking at you each moment.
Where do you want to go?
Whatever you do, any line that you pass and any

God walks with you

God is near to you.
Call him.
God walks with you.
Walk with him.
He is only one whom you can escape toward whit broken legs.
He is only one whom you can see with blind eyes.
Call this god. Live with this god.
Serve this god. Serve.
I know y

The purpose of god

If you want to color your faith, increase your knowledge of god. You should have a map for path to go toward it. If you don't have a map, You will be dizzy and wandering. Go to find insight.
Acknowledge your god.
Who is whom I say Allah is the greatest facing him?
Who is whom I

Excerpts from the speech of Master Noroozi with subject of: The greatest pain of the Prophet Muhamma

Komeil says," I was walking with Imam Ali (peace be upon him), in the middle of the night, there was no sound and everyone wasasleep. A man recited a strange, beautiful voice from Quran and recited it aloud: "Or, is he who is obedient that prostrates himself and stands during parts of the night"

The unity in the eyes of the hazrat zahra(God bless her)

Who can claim the help of the Holy Imam Mahdi (God make his appearance nearer)?
The people can have the claim of the help of the Holy Imam Mahdi, not have repulsion and like Imam Mahdi have attraction. As Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) had been to the Christian man... as Imam Hassan (PBUH) had b