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Science and avoidance of sin
The basis of human achievements in all dangerous screws in his life is his knowledge and inhibition of sin.....Two things that if combined will bring about the essential and inspirational principle of insight

Distress get in the way of spritual perfection
As long as our existence is not disturbed to reach the spritual perfections and exit from the worldly crisis he will never be to answer and arrest him;as Younus;who was entangled in mouth of the great fish does not regard his desperation as sublime god beacause of god glory be upon me,surely l was the transgressors,I was made free from darkness.

What's the meaning of wont to divine deportment?
It means that servant of god so in obdience tasks fade that can accomodate all the attributes of god in himself so that divine light found at in all cells of body.it means that:To achieve excellent in mind and ears and eyes and tongue.

Do duties depart taboos
The hardest austerity that man through out his life faced:(by duties and things that was forbidden to do)The basis that if comes disorder in it, all of charity and developements severely destroyed.

Obey Allah
If obidence to Allah to be executed through life give guy purification so that it could be due to people arriving at that cinduit and they become smooth and clear

The success of bondage
Enter into an agreement with the religious circle ،because of that, success of the bondage, revealed to Allah's servant