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Imam zamanReligiousness in a society that with a little determination can be a hundred guilty done,it's not hard...almost it's impossible!But if Imam zaman(aj) entry in this impossible,not possible rather and it's become so easy.just a little attention to his being it's enough ,while commitment to sin.

It's a very important point that the survival of a healthy society is to justice.Therefore where justice is not,the expectation of social,cultural,political or economic well-being is vain.
In such a society,oppressed people complain of corruption and the discrimination created in their community which is quite due to impiety and satiety of some hypocritical officials of Islam.

The basis of the matter for the one who want's to bear oneself on the forme of humanness are the appropriate and regular feeding of his mind.The feeding that brings up his mind like the muscles of body.

The tongue of the mind
The language is so close to mind that if human fill his mouth with the idle talk, should not expect to have a clear mind.

Self cleanliness
It is precious to accept the divine truths that is resulted only by self cleanliness.
The Cleanliness that is complete,not every now and then and not be arbitrary,not variable,but on purpose,serious will and serious determination at the head of a great master.

There are some people who can't have qualities except pure qualities.So they obey God and they live in a certain way that is the truth and affirmation of a clear paradigm of Quran 《he is upon a light from his lord[God]( Al_Quran al_kareem,al_zomar,22》It means that they have become so strong in spiritual and ethereal dimensions that in addition to their speech,their sat up and their got up,their look, their hearing,their reasoning and...have become completely pure and they could all of people that they have communicated with them make them transcedent and enlightened.

The path to God
Must be moved in the direction of God with eyes wide open...There are alot of people claiming to be a master,but they don't know any thing!There are alot of people that they talk about divine cognitions but they have got stuck in execrables and also in the sins.There are alot of people trying to solve the spiritual problems of others,but remained in their complicated problems then it's necessary to take conscious step in this way...
Come and sitdown with some one who knows about heart
Go under that tree that has beautiful flowers
Don't go anywhere in grocery store the same as unemployed people
Go to the shop where there is sugar(valuable things)

Out of love of familyAs the Human obligation and bullying her into a tape inject the same amount of love and romance and the love from the heart out

Love for God
Love God have indemnity...the great and important indemnity of that, is disgust!Disgust of any thing that not related to god...Disgust of any thing that the darkness is took place in it...Disgust of rebellious whims and interminable desires of ourselves...The hatred that if it had been achieved, so we will drown in the sea of love of divinity that we can not recognize any place and time...
I sank into a sea that had neither foot and head;But every drop of it has a hundred seas
So become entirely ignorant of intellect and body and religion and heart;the one who is aware of this sea very little.

Forgive others
As far as possible, we should forgive the error of others and forgive them. Yes, it's hard...but it worths!
The feature that if we used to it ,according to the Imam Ali's bidding god's kindnesses it will flow in our lives.
By pardoning, the mercy will plummet.
(Dorarol kanllem, page 246)

Food ,human soul and bodyIt teaches us whether physicalor other mental than their food and what food is it needs emotional thinking and accuracy where is he who provides it ,how to use it.all of them salliences it is important that if not considered, as poison mar leads to the destruction of human existence

Unsuccessful end of applicants
One of the reasons that causes the applicants of the truth way not to success, is their arrival to the inner circle ofself-refinement that in the inner part of it, the diseases of their souls have not been diagnosed. So they try use any medicine to cure their sickness. The medicines that causes the most serious deterioration of the disease.

pure spiritualities
spirituality of a person is beautiful that can be able to be in alleys and streets with people, communicate with them , trade in bazaars; but do not forget aboutsanctified God even for a second.this kind of sprituality is pure.

Following out the droit
the lack of spiritual and moral asset of people , which are included the basis of his life and he neglects to discover it ; indicates his absolute slavery for satan.therefore until we don't have the sense of following out the droit and perfectionism in ourselves, we will constantly rest in the cemetery of satan's slavery.

The spring of efflorescence
Spring season is the best opportunity for progress and prosperity. Of course a progress that causes the freshness of the body and the soul, not only the body...If we just fresh our body, according to the bidding of martyr Motaharri, our exploitation of spring does not exceed the use of an animal.Why?Because we filled our bowel from the magnificent apparition of creation and at last we are drunk and we are forced to descend to the first class of animalism.

Burnish of body and soul
Rajab month,the month of revelation of divine mercy and forgiveness,the month that if the human being sober do not pass of it with empty hands and to take of all of it's moments.The moments that the body and the soul of human through fellowsh with immaculate messieurs like a clarified gem become burnished.The fellowsh that we learn in it that how avouch to the strenght and power of holy divine substance and also have an admission to the disablement and neediness of ourself.

The helpful thoughts
This a serious danger that we think that all of our thoughts for the future of our spiritual path is redeemer and deliverer; we must to know that in these switchback paths, there are lots of clarified thoughts that can help us.

The sea of self modify
we young people should sink in the sea of self modify and edification of ourselves in a sense that in out of ourselves can construct the ground swell that is include the bidding of our preferment leadership and forward these messages to different coast of the world.

I'm revolutionary
Our revolutionary youth and the provincial shoud not be so involved in words and terms of verbal as until we can not show pure religion of Mohammad for our nation and other nations.It's so necessary that make our existence in such away that if we range in anywhere western and eastern that we can make familiar one by one people of that land to the divine ethic.

This is one of the great God's attributes and blessings that a person could always be in the thought of helping others and having handled them as they need it.A hand which is so short according to its needs,but surely he recieves his majesty's wish's.
(Imam Ali ibn abu talib(PBUH)said:《he who gives with his short hand is given by along hand》(Hekmat .232)

Sink in the pit of smoke
God forbid that god's servant sink in the pit of sin and error,But thinks that the he done well and been guided.
(They thought that they were guided《 sura al a'raf(30)》)
And in this case ,The so-called lovers of Imam Mahdi dreams of being a slave for Imam, They going to be one of the campanions of satan.

Step to humanityUntil strength of carnality,temper and fantasy don't come under ordinance of tact strenght,it's impossible that the human that can enter into the humanness circle and can undrestand the enjoyment of bondage.and can be one of the people who qur'an said about them:Those are the one's Allah has guided,and those are the people of undrestanding.《zomar(18)Al qur'an Al-kareem》

Mother status
For delineation the glory of mother it's enough that the great prophet like Jesus give his mother agood job of the glory in his life and knows this one of the glories in his life.He remind that if a man(shelter on god)have prohibition to love his mother he can not have mercy on any one too.
And (made me) dutiful to my mother and he has not made me a wretched tyrant.《Surah Maryam Al _Quran al kareem(32)》

Having abetter life in the world,in addition to being a sign of human happiness,may not be a reason for his well being
《Do you think that you will remain here peacefully forever(Quran sura Al_sho'ara (146)》the goal is virtue and nothing else!
《There for keep your duty to Allah and obey me(Quran,sura Al_sho'ara(150)》
A measure that create aliment that《where the suspect does not(quran paradigm) 》 brings with it self(may be less) but which influence the comfort and security of soul and body without any anxiety in the world and here after ensure that aliment is durability,not increase property unstable.

Affliction of the heart
We must look out what causes our heart far away from divine aliments and what causes the captivity in dark veil and even veils are illuminated.what prevents flying the skies of knowledge and resulted in illness and pain?!The answer is aword "SIN"The word that according to the bidding of Imam Ali mentioned as the greatest pain of the hearts.
There is no pain painful than the guilt for the heart.(Al kafi, second section,page 275)

The relationship with eye and heart
The eye is the only part of body that can excite other parts of body specially heart that it causes to go to in truth meatus or not.
As far as Imam Ali ibn Abu talib(PBUH)said about it:
《The heart is book of the eye(hekmat 409)》
Or another way to say is thatWhatever the eyes see it's affect on the heart.

Redress the heart of believer
For redress the heart of believer it's enough that the sublimate god said to him:
《Isn't it the god enough for his servant??(zomar Al_Qur'an Al kareem) 》
Where god sit in comfort and appease his servant
where God keeps his servant of indecision and vacillation action of himself
Where Allah through a sentence clean all the commotion and distress of him.

Obligatory and recommended limits
There are many people who unfortunately can not maintain obligatory and recommended limits and not to confuse the station of themThe basis that Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib(PBUH) said about it:
(Supererogetory worship can not can not bring about nearness to Allah).
It means that;The night prayer that causes delay to the morning prayer can not close us to god.
The mourning for Ahl_al baytAnd komeil prayer that keeps away us from family up to late can not close us to god.

parental serviceThe only treasure that is worth exploring in the success of life is parental service.The main thing that if a map is found it can solve many of the material and spiritual obstacles.The basis that according to the narrative of Imam Ali《(The most important divine task is goodness to parents)(Mizanol Hakma, p. 10, p. 709)》That is known as the greatest and most important divine task

Successful end of all humans depends on the skills that each of them uses in the sensitive passages of the world