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path of the leader ship
If we can not get on the path of the leaerdhip,our martyrs and our revolution we will certainly find ourselves in the hand of the cruels.

The result of obstinacy
The god urges his servants to get rid of the bondage of obstinacy the basis that carries the best of divine rating for ever from man...... and to the demon places of hell, so that god introduce hell aplace to these people.
{ whoever that god wants its loss any one can not give him guidance and god of these people give over them in aberrance because of their disobedience. }《Al Quran al- kareem Sura al a'raf (186)》

The dark pit of darkness
Two things that man with all the assets of the spritual,takes him to the black hole of darkness and sin.The first,swallow the food of doubt that knocked likes the Umar Ibn sa'd and the shemr and they become the killers of their Imam.The second: ill pal, that however the morsel of him being halal like the Ibn moljam's bite that was the orphan of the Imam Ali(PBUH) but associate with improvidents make him as a muderer of his Imam.

A step for our epoch Imam
Adage of me say alot(my parents be ransomed)but only a claim because we do not want survey a step for our Imam,we do not want give only a small part of our honor and prestige to Islam may be we want that Islam move a step for our requirements and likewise sacrifice itself for us.

Religion's red line(part one)
The pain is that some people feel because every one in the world has prospered in economic and prospered politically and socially,and had alot of creativity in them,these can be found also in religion and be creative.
Religion and beliefs are both criterions that they have redline and can not be decreased or eke out.

Religion's redline (part2)
Creativity in religion means creating justification,for our egotistical behaviour,not a behaviour that God wants.Fashionism in religion means birth guile and conspiracy,for countering with the holy prophet(salla 'llah 'Alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) goals...Can we know luxury,aristocratic
actions,dissipation,arrogance,corruption, an extreme flashiness and lechery in home and baza'r and alley and street as religious fashionism!?
Can we know indirection ,regalement and enjoyment that causes sin as a progress in religion?!!

The heart of the believer
The believer's heart has so much capacity that it can place all the divine graces in itself and become a place for going and coming of the god angle's,on condition that he was constantly busy with his own god and not going to the swamp of passion.So that it came in Hadis Ghodsi:
My earth and my heaven do not contain me,but I'm contained in the heart of my believing slave.
(Ehia olom Al_din lel_ghazali,third volume,page 16)

Mandatory religion
People will never be compelled to become religious. With compulsion, As much as they try in this way the same amount is getting worse!

Special parliament
No one is born sweetheart of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). He should have the honor to attend the special assembly of Imam Mahdi (God near his appearance)

Intimate with the appearance
When Imam Mahdi does not appear after the mournings of the Muharram, shows that everybody was intimated with the appearance of Imam not with the heart!

How the prayer is answered?
Your prayer will compliance in a situation that you believe everything is dependent on God..everything!

Meet Sweetheart Away
If you want to see Imam of your time!
You have to learn to love your obedience ...

The realm of hearts
Be with your Imam mahdi of your time
All hearts are in your realm!

The feeling of our serendipity and our sadness in life is evident from our way of looking at all the phenomena of the world, not our actions!
Because we may not have a good manner, but feel a sense of satisfaction and easement.

The grief of the Imam hussain(PBUH)
The grief of the Imam hussain(PBUH) was not the captivity of his family, so it was the heart captivity of the enemy.

Traps of the path of love
Along with Allah, there is violence, ridicule, deceit and grumbling!
But when it comes to God, all those people believe in you.

Eid al-adha(festival of sacrifice) It's eid when we have been able to bring our sensual appetence to the altar.

The pure seed
They wanted with all the power put hussain into the worst possible state of the earth...!
Not to know that our master was a pure seed which fills the whole place with it's fragrant branches!!

You should never forget about the word(difference) in spirituality..
you constantly say to yourself on the way to reach to the God that l had to be as different as every body else and overtaking the others.. Get as close as you can be!
And the forerunners, the forerunners, those are the ones brought near to Allah( verses10 and 11, surah al- vaghe'e, fifty- sixth surah of Quran)

We will die only once
We must know the value of every moment of our life and gathering provision to our next day(dooms day, the day which all of the dead people become alive), because we will always live, but we shall die only once!

Evident sin
The cause that someone having broken down their modesty and sin patently, is be out of favor wish God. (A kind of idiom)

Pagandom in our lives has just one meaning and that's all...Every task which pale God within us!

The perception of The appearance of Imam Mahdi (God near his appearance).
Who has been unable to acheive some degree of faith in his life and unable to practice for obtaining divine satisfication in certain aspect of his life...it is impossible that in his life an undrestanding of the appearance of Imam Mahdi! (The twelfth Imam of the Muslims) ](God near his appearance).

The family
Kindness to the family is the principle of progress on our road to reach to the God.

Deviation of the thought
An external look can completely bring out one's eyes from the moderation.And the eye which thus, took away the reflection.

Welfare or hardship?
The human being constantly engaged in the tension between the extreme conditions of welfare and hardshipWhich if he applied to any one, hardly could have appetence to another!

Clarified natureEid fitr[the last day of ramadan(The ninth arabic lunar month)]gives meaning to anyone that refer to his clarified nature...To see if he were closer to his clarified nature in a sweet month of God(ramadan) or not!

The short world
Sometimes the short world of someone that it is possible the explanation of that it's not more than ten pages but it's so brilliant that is possible to prove the value of that person about hundreds of books!

Prologue of all of the affections of the sanctified God, is one word!...leave every one except God.

Unreasonable partiality
The principal cause of the failure and misery of the men and women and have no spiritual foundations, is basically for unreasonable partiality against the everyday mistakes that they do not want to stop them because of their wrong vindications.