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The perception of The appearance of Imam Mahdi (God near his appearance).
Who has been unable to acheive some degree of faith in his life and unable to practice for obtaining divine satisfication in certain aspect of his life...it is impossible that in his life an undrestanding of the appearance of Imam Mahdi! (The twelfth Imam of the Muslims) ](God near his appearance).

The family
Kindness to the family is the principle of progress on our road to reach to the God.

Deviation of the thought
An external look can completely bring out one's eyes from the moderation.And the eye which thus, took away the reflection.

Welfare or hardship?
The human being constantly engaged in the tension between the extreme conditions of welfare and hardshipWhich if he applied to any one, hardly could have appetence to another!

Clarified natureEid fitr[the last day of ramadan(The ninth arabic lunar month)]gives meaning to anyone that refer to his clarified nature...To see if he were closer to his clarified nature in a sweet month of God(ramadan) or not!

The short world
Sometimes the short world of someone that it is possible the explanation of that it's not more than ten pages but it's so brilliant that is possible to prove the value of that person about hundreds of books!

Prologue of all of the affections of the sanctified God, is one word!...leave every one except God.

Unreasonable partiality
The principal cause of the failure and misery of the men and women and have no spiritual foundations, is basically for unreasonable partiality against the everyday mistakes that they do not want to stop them because of their wrong vindications.

We have been trying to find, a sign of happiness every where.Unaware that happiness is hidden within us...We have only to pay attention to our interior strenghts.

The highest sense to meet with god in the ramadan month is a sense of security.That we undrestand, yes...We have support.The supporting that is as giant as the light of the heavens and the earth.

God look
Acceptance condition to the divine portal is to cutting out the heart ,of all the people.As long as you have the hope to the consideration of these people, the look of the sanctified god is impossible for you to turn around you....He wants just look at him, and nothing.Just this!

Dedication of the heart
Who is constantly troubled,anxius and uneasy?Who is constantly in the thought of frustration and instability??
A human who never been able to undrestand the hands that is a kind of light it goes to the sky because of himself.
The human who don't undrestand the deary of hazrat zahra is dedicated himself for his heart.

The capture of the heart
The sensual temptations of the human mind stretch slowly through the heart and forcing him imperceptibly into bondage...Captivity which soon fall away his dynasty!

To save his senses
The most important causes of percepts it's sensual salvation to cleanse the soul of man.for example the person who prays is quite familiar with the basics of education and literary such as the kind of sitting,the type of getting up and etc..or the one who fasting is accustomed to the control of the senses of carnal power and etc...

If a shia can not observe a fast of heart, eye, tongue and ear...in the holy month, it's impossible to correct the apparent purity of others ,such as taking a simple fast!If a shia can not just make the apparent ethic of aman,has no right to speak about Ahl_al bayt which they devoted to reforming the people.

TransitionRamadan when it comes to meaning that by passing by every night of that feel brilliant revolution in ourselves.A transformation in asense of exit from animal desires and entering to human manners...

Multidimensional Islam
One of the features of well balanced virtual life is to not have unidimensional look to principles of Islam. Because accomplishments of Islam is not temporary prescript rather it's eternal. It's not inflictive prescript rather it's creat background and bed creation. It's not a drifted ordinance rather it's so targeted and so prospective. It's not boring rather it's have unique features that related to different natures of people.

Islam is the only faith that coupled with the best spiritualities, teach the best way to how to live in a good way.

The comate of the way
Any desolteness that we haveAny spiritual need that we haveIs in the different sores.With have a good divine friend it will be solved.If a divine friend give his life never let you to sacrifice your hereafter.If you don't have look for and if you have look out him.The friend that accompaniment you in way it's rare in this world that is full of factiousness.

Demolition of all of the comfortablenesses castles is only behinded in a moment of suspiciousness.Why??Because suspiciousness in the first grade keeps the people away around you and in the next grade keeps you away from your god...Now here stay behind comfortableness?

The quandary
Disorderliness and divagation of anyone in his life is dependent on his quandary, between his faith and his world.The quandary that he don't know his heart is with sweetheart or not...

The factiousness of innocency
The man is so free that can in every situation make alteration in his mind that he think good or have malafide andmake a different future for his stand point...The future that change his predestination in this world and hereafter.But he must becareful about a point!That the liberty,do not corrupt the clarified purity of his life!!

The nobless of the liables(part6)
Our leadership said adress to the liables:so that the movements of the liables to take place fruitful foremost its need that keep himself from factiousness.this is a salience...What it means??It means that have self refinement . be anchoret for sometimes at night.Have sometimes for divine account that what does he done.

The noblesse of the liables(part5)
The martyr motahari says why we know Imam Ali (PBUH) as aperfect man?Beacause he has got the apperception of the pain that the society had.We must all to know that Imam Ali(PBUH) wasn't wishful to be a dominator, the government was in neediness of Imam Ali (PBUH) to be a dominator.He lived in a way that even who maledict him, and sabotage against him and damn him, they were hopeful to the benefaction of him.

The noblesse of the liables(part5)
The martyr motahari says why we know Imam Ali (PBUH) as aperfect man?Beacause he has got the apperception of the pain that the society had.We must all to know that Imam Ali(PBUH) wasn't wishful to be a dominator, the government was in neediness of Imam Ali (PBUH) to be a dominator.He lived in a way that even who maledict him, and sabotage against him and damn him, they were hopeful to the benefaction of him.

The noblesse of the liables(part 4)
As for the poor people of society hazrat Ali (PBUH) belived that the Autorities duty is to act in a way that poverty is completely eradicated.fully and hungry both aren't going to die one of them because of intensity of hunger and other due to fullness.

The noblesse of the liables(part3)
Tabari the narrator and great suuni historian state that one day in the presence of Ibn Abbas the talk was about Imam Ali(PBUH).Ibn Abbas said you are talking about a man who heard the foot steps of gabriel on the roof of his own house. It can't be expected that some of the officials could hear the sound of gabriel foot steps on the roof of their house but it could be expected to hear the complaint of the oppressed.

The nobless of the liables (part2)
we think that the more praise Abu Torab,The more reminisce hazrat Ali(A.S.) the more shia we are....no ..In a form we registered in these school that it seems that the teacher needs us than the need of us to teacher.Ali(A.S.) means to go out from the basis of animality and learn dimension of humanness and a person can be more shia that the life of him be more related to Ali(A.S.).

The noblesse of the liables(part 1)
Many a time it was came into notice that our leadership mentioned the noblesse and luxurious formation of the liables, why??Our leadership wants that all of the liables know that sir its impossible to wash a dress with unclean water. with decadency of eminence the affliction of the weak people can not be treat.Until aperson do not experience difficulty and do not feel it can not realize difficulty and affliction of the wronged people and any of the liables who can not percept the afflictions of the poor, he sat on shia captaincy on the whim.
but Ali (A.S.) didn't exist like this.did he??

Affection of god
interpret by mola hosein gholi hamedani(rahma ol allah alaih) any one who whishes to see the affection of God he should not search it in his orders,and search it in his prohibitions;because the prohibitions of him that is to say zoljalale val ekramHe doesn't want his servant to descend from servitude so about any thing that banned and named it sin he want's to say o'my servant!That action you done would make you, not to approach ascendency,l love you too,l don't want you to fall into sin so move on with your lover..we should undrestand;lf god does not see some one as a qualified person,do not ever examine him, do not throw guilt in his heart!It's impossible to forbid him of an action...