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>Basically, inhabitants of the planet earth understand whatever they wish from your talk, not whatever you cause to understand. This is the biggest social pain. 2248

>People after a definite age are not able to change, although they are willing and eager to change.
At that time bad points will appear unbelievably.
so that, you spend life with acridity of bearing yourself.
Now we must decide for that time,
only now

>You can omit god from your mind very easily and you can sin. But evicting such idol from your heart is another story.
Return your mind until god doesn't go out of your heart.

>When you like god, you want it as an instrument to reach your world but when you love god, you want world as an instrument to reach your idol.
This is difference between liking and loving God. You are worthy of loving relationships.

>We must seek our identity in religion. If we have religious identity, we will also have family identity.
certainly, people ,who have lot's of family problems, have religious problem.

>The secret of the reception of the wishes is in the recognition of who meet your needs and wishes(God). 2216

>The whole world will gather around your Shiite beliefs to say that they don't believe them! I wish they knew one day that it was these beliefs which didn't need to be believed... 2251

>When you take long steps in spirituality, you will also get to the destination sooner and your shoes which is your soul will fade later. ۲۲۴۹

>When you knock the door of god house( with pray or...), knock slowly and wait with happiness for landlord's answer(God). He is too generous. He is open the door while you knock once. He is hospitable. He invites not only destitute but also passerby. 2228

>Leaving sin is not enough to escape from sin's ugliness. In fact, the way of rescue is to replace it with good deeds so that devilish temptations can not dominate again on human soul. 2243

>Don't replace your life assets . If you lose a loving and wise pleasurable relationship instead of some deficient relationships that are due to variety-seeking and end with hate, you will replace it with loneliness up to your death time. 2244

>Our rise is in being good and our fall is in proving these goodnesses to People. 2226

>In life follow people who the closer you get to their personal aspects the more you see manifestation of faith, the light of certainty and their resolution. because god is the guest of big hearts they own

>The main cause of the problems between wives and husbands is pertinacity which stems from the difference in false tastes, pride , stubbornness and lack of forgiveness.

>To reach the highest level of perfection we shouldn't be satisfied with the least actually we should be ambitious.we should see ourselves in the place of virtue leader to be at least virtuous, this would cause us fortunate. if our goal is being virtuous only we'll be nothing!

>Don't think of helping Imam zaman(God make his appearance nearer) in his presence. Make yourself ready for helping him in his absence. If you pay attention to the absence, you'll win his presence.

If the most sacred things , in the most sacred places aren't blamed with sincerity, finally it will fall. it's beautiful when you do things for god , whether things that can be achieved or not.

>There is an inner process in mystery of asking God and accepting prayer. It begins by a willing person with a heart full of sight and an existence full of need and without any creditor sence who doesn't put anything except god in it's heart and mind towards a needless one such god. 2242

>Obtaining love is the basis of intention for worships, neither fearing of hell nor enthusing about heaven. Reward and sin are titles to reveal what attract or move away divine love. 2241

>When we are anxious during drowning, the meaning of rupture toward god will appear. At that time we only see god. We only think about it and give our heart to it. we should not forget that god of that time is god of our all times.we are drowning in world and it's troubles. Then why have we given our heart to anything except it? ۲۲۴۰

>We all have some troubles. We all have some things to wrangle with them. Some days we are better than other. Some days we are mediocre and some days we are the worse one of all. These are standpoints that are always surveying us. The more important standpoints, the more our troubles. We should be released. Releaseing from every thing that doesn't have fragrance of god. 2239

>There are very ungrateful people everywhere. People who are inattentive to god and assuming. They are the most creditor while trouble and the most ignorant while tranquility. 2238

>When we sin without being worried, in fact we have loosed favor of god. Our regrets and remorses after doing sin will open doors of divine grace to us. ۲۲۳۷

>Trying completely to leave misdeed is the most important element for approaching divine grace.until this is done, our thinking and telling will not benefit. ۲۲۳۵

>God guides human as a seed from darkness's toward itself, but resisting against windstorms of living is the condition for perfection and flowering. Otherwise, our root will be plucked with a fall breeze. ۲۲۳۴

>Developing every bigotry in ourselves is the byway toward darkness and destruction, except when a person shows bigotry regarding spiritual aspects and divine qualities in order to enter the radiation of divine light in it's heart. 2232

>Hardships and problems of life are the fields to expose our heart scourges and weaknesses that we are not aware of them, whereas god is aware of them and examine us to know ourselves and start being better. 2233

>When we think about greatness of creation, we regret state of our humanness little by little. Regretting of the few deeds vis-a-vis great graces. 2230

>Smile at problems of life. One day all things will finish and you will think about all things that you guessed they had destroyed. Whereas you didn't know that God had intended better things for you. That day you will remain alone in a part of the depths of the earth in size of a tomb. 2231

>If a heart is involved in other's thoughts, it will lose it's quiddity little by little. People set it's destiny and behavior. People decide for it and arrange it's good and bad instants. Finally, it will select a religion fitting people not it's god. 2229