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What kind of thoughts of girls can lead to improper choice of husband for them? Thank you, help me …Sure, a lot of mistakes before marriage causes make a choice false for both you and your kind.
Let that I get some of them!

1)Preparation of a long list of properties of the intended spouse with all the details is wrong. true, You have to choose a person whose characteristics are more like yours but if you are too conservative to judge all of his details here are instances that do not have correspondence to your list.

this subject causes because of minor issues do not accept sightly person.
2)If you are do not married to an age, you think it "s late and others put you under fire, and then you" re right accept the first suitor, you make false.

3)Comparison always break down work. If you 're compare the suitors all around you with the other people around you,that are By your approval, surely you can " t make the right decision.

4)If you are one of those people who have stick with two hands to your grief or the past, you " re wrong. If for any reason You have lost opportunities in the past, don't think about itanymore. Be dynamic and prepare yourself for the future.
Some people don "t let themselves love anyone, and it" s a problem for them. Example There may be someone in many ways supported by you and likable, but because of the talk of people, And Far from reason talk of the others, and he is is not acknowledged by many, In these circumstances, if you take the opportunity to love and say yes from yourself You have made a great mistake.

5)And sometimes some women have low self - esteem andthink they are full of problems and fault and are not being approved by others, whiles if they pay attention to their own positives points they seem better than others.

6)In cases, daughters expect to immediately create a passion and a dream between them and their future husband when they are expected this , and this earthquake
don't happen, they pull back at once. If you expect to get a close relationship in the first encounter, in front of this marriage, you have held a big red flag. He did this out of objectivitywhile the world of ours is real.

7)The ideal male of your life varies with m ideal men in films. In other words, do not wait for such these men, because they belong only to films.

8)Sometimes girls go to someone who doesn't look like them and just because they 're accepted for one reason.
Remember, you cannot live alone just with a property.

9)The focus on the negative points is error. Remember, if you feel negative about the men for any reason, put them aside and make a good choice with apositive outlook.

10)Some women, who have a proper education and profession, think they can get from the position because ofthe financial need.
and don't need a man's help. These ladies, in this way of thinking, they create massif oppose themselves and cannot choose the right way, because they keep the others sad from themselves.

11) self -sacrifice rather than self - thought, and rather the need for others to yourself, It's the big fault that some girls do. If for any reason some responsibilities belongs to you, it's admitted; but you must First, think about yourself, your needs, your future, and don't miss the situation.