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How can we have a heart in prayer?

To take any action to the most beautiful expression, it is firstfor us to recognize the importance and position of that action!

Therefore, the importance of the presence of the heart isenough that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)said:

Whenever he prays, and thinks of God Almighty, when his prayers are over, as in one day he is born of her mother and has no sin.

The obstacles in the presence of the heart in prayer must be known, the most important of which, is sin, and among sins, lying is also the most affected.

the taste of faith and the pleasure of faith will not taste unless he leaves a lie even with fun And otherwise, things like sat up and got up with the corrupt and sinful people, not to be thankful, the lack of participation in the assemblies of science and faithful scientists and...
These are the obstacles. Therefore, if one tries to take care of hislimbs and his thoughts at all moments of life, and do not sin he would be sure to pray in the more presence of heart.

So look out and to keep watch before prayer brings meditation at prayer.