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How can we provide the needs and demands of our children not to be annoyed with us?

It's pretty beautiful that respectable parents try to sort outtheir children's needs in three parts first, important andnecessary, second, important but non - essential.

Third, unimportant critical and non - essential Then the wishes of the first floor are met, even before their children are asked. Don " t wait until they insist.

By doing so, you will teach to them do not force for their demands.

Hence, avoid inattention to the actual needs of your child.

The demands of the second floor are met, but by distance and training, and teach to them patience is needed to reach out to wants.

And in the end, the demands of the third floor by saying the word "no", the determination and continuity of the decisionyou have made with him.

Talk and explain to them at the level of her understanding that we can't get to all of our desires.

Some times We had to avoid, out of place compassion.